PeaceKeepers Domestic Violence Program

"We believe that all community members, children, women and men of the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos have the right to live in a violence free environment. Peacekeepers, through the collaborative efforts of the Eight Northern Pueblos, is committed to the safety of the victims and their children."
Ongoing Events:
Women's support groups:
  • All classes and groups are postponed due to COVID-19, this page will be updated when they resume.
Batterers Intervention Classes:
An intake must be completed, separate sessions for men and women.  
Groups have been postponed due to COVID-19.  Individual sessions are being held.  Please call the office to speak with a facilitator.

PeaceKeepers Services

PeaceKeepers Domestic Violence Program provides services to victims who are Native American or who are being victimized by a Native American and to offenders who are Native American or who are victimizing a Native American.  We seek to raise awareness of domestic violence by offering the following services:

PeaceKeepers Services

  • Advocacy
  • Training & Outreach
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Civil Legal Assistance
  • Probation
  • Batterers Re-Education and Intervention Program